The most common interaction when creating a new business or personal contact is exchanging phone numbers. On many occasions, a person does not know anything about the person they have exchanged phone numbers with for future relations, either business or personal.

What is Phoogle!

Phoogle! Reviews is a website that allows people to read and write reviews associated with a phone #.

This unique method for referencing reviews about a business, private contractor or person is a helpful service to help people know whom they’re dealing with on the other end of the line. They can find comfort when reading good reviews or be warned when reading bad reviews to help provide insight on a new business or personal connection.

To be put on Phoogle is to let other people know your experience with this person or business. If you had a good experience, let people know. If you had a bad experience, let people know. This allows for all people to form an alliance with each other to provide helpful insight of their previous experiences with this person or business, referenced by their phone #.

Phoogle! also helps people search a phone # to read reviews associated with common phone call scams, such as Debt collection scams, Tax scams, Billing scams, Loan scams, Inheritance scams, Lottery winner scams, Travel offer scams, Text message scams, attempts to steal personal info and more. With Phoogle Reviews, people are able to post reviews associated with these phone #’s and let others know to beware or stay away from these shady charlatans. Fight Phone Scams with Phoogle Reviews!

With Phoogle Reviews, you can post a review “anonymously” or with your “Phoogle username”.

How to follow a phone #


As a registered Phoogle user, you can “Follow” any specific phone # and receive text & email notifications whenever anyone posts Phoogle reviews to that phone # for FREE.


Phoogle! Pricing:

A Phoogle registered user is offered the following functions for FREE:

  • FREE TO SEARCH Unlimited Phone # reviews
  • FREE TO READ Unlimited Phone # reviews
  • FREE TO WRITE one review to any specific phone #
    (You can post one review to as many “different” phone #’s as you want for FREE)